Kia Orana, welcome to the Restaurant Association

The Cook Islands Restaurant Association (CIRA) was incorporated in 2012 for the purpose of unifying Rarotonga’s best known eating establishments, all independent and privately owned.

Our common goal is to set the very highest of standards in our dining establishments, and to promote delicious island flavours and top level cuisine.

We are fortunate that besides the fact that the Cook Islands are a very safe place to visit, we are also one of the most unpolluted destinations in the word. There is a delectable variety of fresh fish from the ocean, and rich agricultural land with some of the best tasting produce to be found anywhere. Sun-ripened tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, fat eggplant, watermelon, breadfruit, mangoes and avocados in season, together with a year round supply of papaya and bananas. There are coconuts galore and emerald green taro patches line the streams and valleys. Nature’s bounty at its finest.

Our clientele base is made up of our local customers, as well as visitors from overseas.

The Cook Islands are one of the most popular destinations in the South Pacific. We as an Association feel that it is extremely important for us to be a part of the continuing healthy growth in the tourism sector.

At present all our restaurants are all based on Rarotonga, the main island, with steep mountains, lush valleys and white sand beaches. As the island is only 32 kilometers in circumference with tar-sealed roads, it is very easy to access all our establishments for a wonderful dining experience in a truly tropical paradise.

Vaima on the Beach Christmas Lunch

Sun 11 November 18 Orange Glazed Lamb

Vaima now accepting bookings for Christmas Parties and Christmas Day lunch and dinner. Bookings are essential. New Year – accepting lunch and dinner bookings. Tel 26123 for reservations. more